Another successful project completed


Another successful project completed. Protective coatings applied to off-shore gas turbines for better efficiency, corrosion resistance and less maintenance.

Imada are proud to announce a new client


Imada are again proud to announce that new client has converted to use our innovative, completely inorganic passivation system for Hot-dipped Galvanized goods. The product is a chrome free passivation [...]

Imada AB expands its warehouse


Imada AB expands its warehouse, blending and packaging facilities. In order to meet the market demand for our performance coating solutions, a larger warehouse for raw materials as well as [...]

New analytical equipment


Imada AB expands its laboratory resources with new analytical equipment. This time, a new Atomic Absorption Spectrometer was installed.

New sales and distributing partner for North America


Imada AB Sweden proudly presents its sales and distributing partner for North America and the Western Hemisphere; Sol-Gel Innovations llc. The company is situated in Katy Texas and will handle [...]