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Stronger surface with cutting-edge coating technology from Imada

Imada offers the latest technology in surface treatments for metals, plastics and more that chemically binds with the substrate. This unique fusion offers exceptional protection with an extremely strong defense against oxidation, corrosion, erosion and friction reduction.

With applications for marine, automotive, heavy industrial, oil & gas, etc., we offer coating solutions superior to what’s found on the market today. We always optimize our formulations to suit the exact needs of the specific substrate and its environment. Imada’s know-how, expertise and support ensure a successful solution for your operation.



Our Marine coatings division continues to grow with success. Recognized as a “Top Product” in the Aluminum industry 2016, we invite you to find out more about what our solutions can do for you.


We presents a unique, innovative technology for preventing problems with corrosion, friction, wear, etc. All new possibilities has opened up, especially where traditional protective coatings finds their limitations.


Imada offers an environment-neutral technology of surface treatments for metals, plastics and more, which to an extent penetrates in to the materials and chemically binds with the many free..

Another successful project completed

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Imada are proud to announce a new client

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Imada AB expands its warehouse

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