Environment-Neutral Chemistry

Imada offers an environment-neutral technology of surface treatments for metals, plastics and more, which to an extent penetrates in to the materials and chemically binds with the many free ions, creating a permanent, strong defense against oxidation, corrosion, erosion and friction.

With applications for pipes, pumps, engines, etc., we offer something superior to what’s found on the market today.  We always optimize our formulations to suit the exact needs of the specific substrate. We see traditional protective coatings more as cosmetic applications, attached to the surface by mechanical bonding.

As our technology works inside the substrate, creating a stronger and better material in all the voids and cracks, all the way to the surface and is chemically bonded, we could almost call it surgery. If desired, we can treat your product so you can perform your own tests, or we can offer standard tests done by an independent lab.

Sometimes, less is more..

Most times, design teams chooses the best materials known for their purpose. Sometimes, these materials are put in harsh environments that shortens the lifetime, physically or aesthetically changes the materials, and so on. The traditional way of solving a problem like that, would be to add another material. Coat the object with a paint or composite. So, now we have to rely on the coating instead of the fine material chosen from the beginning. This often results in added maintenance, more weight, changes of appearance, etc.

Imada looks from a different angle. By utilizing the substrate, we can chemically create permanent surface modifications. Reacting with the free ions, filling the microscopic voids and cracks, minimizes the foothold of corrosive matter and even lowers friction if wanted. Creating a built in barrier that repells salt-spray, dirt, mold or bacteria, brings out the best of the substrate without hiding it under another material. The reactions taking place with the substrate are on the atomic level. This is extremely small, and is often referred to as Sol-Gel or Nano technology.

Many companies claim they use true Nano technologies, but in most cases it involves coating a surface with Nano-particles which will hopefully fill some pores, not actively manipulating materials on the Nano scale. These coatings often fail with adhesion and are sometimes even washed off. Nanotechnology is found on the scale starting at 1/1000 000 000 (1 billionth) of a meter or 1/80,000 of the human hair. Imada’s technology infiltrates and reinforces the material permanently by true, active nanotechnology.